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Was cool to meet you yesterday. We're really looking forward to 8th June. Nick & Sammie

Nick May 25, 2013



Hi Steve. Is there a way of buying tickets online - my sister wants 2? Ta

Steve replies: Yes Sarah - the ticket button in the menu will allow you to pay by Paypal or Card.

Sarah May 25, 2013



What a mind blowing experience. He Knew what i was thinking . Can`t wait to see the Show on 8th June I`m sure he`s gonna blow my mind again!

christopher May 25, 2013



Don't know about that but I need answers ... love what you do - whatever that is?! Roll on Sleight of Mouth ... Roll on June 8th!

Fran Conroy June 1, 2013



Hi, my names Lucy and I was wondering how you actually started to be able to do what you do, so did you have to study anything in particular??

Hi Lucy - which bit of what I do would you like to know more about?

Lucy June 8, 2013



AWESOME is the only word I can think of, Left us Gobsmacked....

Steve replies: Cheers Ray - glad your gob got smacked!

Raymond June 9, 2013



I really enjoyed your show last night - I have never seen anything like it before. I was intrigued about your comments concerning psychics - are they all fakes in your opinion? What did you mean when you said there are other ways. I am fascinated by spirits, angels, the afterlife and reincarnation - is it all rubbish? Is there a way of genuinely getting in touch with people you have lost?

Steve replies: I know you'd like to hear different but each and every one of these parasites are absolutley fake 100% of the time. Apart from the deceptive methods I outline in the show you can google Cold Reading, Hot Reading and Barnam Statements to get more information. Then all you would need is a pashmina and daft glasses and you could go out and trample all over grieving people's memories for yourself.

Tanya June 9, 2013



You owe my wife a night's sleep! Stunning show!

Steve replies: Mmmm...She's in a long queue I'm afraid - glad you enjoyed the show and you'll be able to relive it all on DVD from the end of July.

Phil June 13, 2013



I’ve been browsing on-line for more than three hours and  I never found any article as fascinating as yours. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you have, the web might be a lot more helpful than ever before.

Steve replies: Thanks - we do try!

maillot June 17, 2013



A chance meeting with you today left me open mouthed, totally unexpected and totally fascinating! I cannot wait to bring my husband along to your show in September! A lovely, genuine guy as well as a total genius! Niki

Niki Taylor July 3, 2013



Last night's performance was amazing. How you do it I'll never know but thanks for having me on the edge of my seat. Donna x

Donna September 6, 2013



You are one amazing gent! Really looking forward to seeing your show. Both myself and my wife are telling everyone about what you did. Thanks for an incredible experience Steve.

patrik October 31, 2013



Hi Steve. Saw your show last night (Wrekin Centenary Theatre). I thought it was amazing. My son is a great fan of magic tricks/mentalists/mind-reading and psychic phenomenon. I will be buying tickets for him for your September event at the same theatre.

Maria Speck March 23, 2014